Raising Capital for Private Firms via a Pooled Investment Fund


Our investments focus on well-established, small- and medium-sized private companies and select start-ups. As a licensed broker/dealer, we perform rigorous due diligence to ensure that every investment is in full compliance with regulatory and legal requirements.


Every portfolio company adheres to our exclusive Investor Bill of Rights, demanding effective communications both with portfolio companies and investors.


How It Works for Investors


Group Capital’s pooled investment funds invest in a diverse array of well-established, middle-market, private companies and in some startups. We also invest in such things as commercial real estate and distressed debt. Our fund includes equity, debt, notes, and royalty based instruments, with diverse return expectations, risks and challenges. We retain up to 15% of funds in cash to give portfolio managers flexibility to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities. It’s an approach blending the diversification advantages of a mutual fund with the exclusivity of hedge funds that are typically only available to ultra-wealthy investors. Since our pooled investment funds are not correlated to U.S. large cap stocks, they can add diversification to most investor portfolios.

How It Works for Business Owners


Group Capital buys equity, debt, notes, and royalty based instruments issued by middle-market companies that we believe in, privately held firms with a record of strong earnings that need capital to grow their businesses. We also invest in some startups, commercial real estate and distressed debt. Beyond offering access to capital, we offer business advice, connections, and expertise so that each portfolio company can grow faster.

Our advisory panel mentors the management team of portfolio companies, welcoming them into an entrepreneurial ecosystem that creates synergies with other business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in a safe, non-competitive environment. Portfolio companies adhere to our Investors Bill of Rights, updating Group Capital with news, both good and bad, providing regular performance forecasts and treating us as a respected business partner.