The Big Picture: Ideas are the bedrock of the American dream, but they require capital, knowledge and expertise to make them a reality. That’s where Group Capital comes in, connecting privately held companies with investors that want to be a part of something bigger. Group Capital invests in concepts and companies that share its vision, often privately held companies that are underserved by capital markets. Of America’s 6 million employers, nearly all are private — only 0.08 percent of employer firms are listed on a national stock exchange, according to Harvard University and New York University research.

What We Do — Companies: We invest in well-established, middle-market, privately held companies that want to raise capital to grow their businesses and in some startups. We mentor the leaders of these companies and introduce their executives to a community of non-competing entrepreneurs, creating a unique ecosystem where they can share ideas and gain valuable insight.

What We Do — Investors: We invest in a diverse array of companies as well as such things as commercial real estate and distressed debt, in pooled investment funds. Our funds include equity, debt, notes, and royalty based instruments, with diverse return expectations, risks and challenges. We retain up to 15% of funds in cash to give portfolio managers flexibility to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities. It’s an approach blending the diversification of a mutual fund with the exclusivity of hedge funds that are typically only available to ultra-wealthy investors.